Jack (b. 1998) is an Australian based artist documenting adventurous elopements in wild places. In 2019, I hiked from Mexico to Canada. It f*cked up my life in ways I may never be able to describe. But it led me here, and I am so glad it did. Glad you made it too. When not creating art, I am probably lost down some overgrown track in the backcountry. Scale + Intimacy informs my body of work.  

My Philosophy

I want to photograph people for who they are. A driving force of my approach is to constantly ask: what does it mean to be human? What are the traits of being? Being there. Being open. My aim is to simply give you the space to let those feelings flood in.  

Sense of place is crucial to my work. I make a sharp distinction between the natural world and the indstrial world of modernity. I’m a strong believer that we are at our most vulnerable, and therefore most human, in nature.
All I can ever wish for as an artist is that the subject forget they’re being photographed. In your element, being your goofiest, strangest selves. You are the narrator of this story, I’m just coming along for the ride - and to hopefully capture its essence.


Terrence Mallick

Luke Gilford


The New Western History

Queering the Script

Dancing under moonlight

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I want to aknowledge the traditional and rightful custodians of the land where I am based, the Ngunnawal people. Additionally, the Ngambri, Ngarigu and others who traded on, travelled through and connected with this land, and continue to do so. I am the direct beneficiary of a history of dis posession and colonial domination. 5% of all profits go to Pay the Rent.